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We purchased over $7000 of Scandian Brazlilian Cherry Hardwood Floors. Defective finish.

Company will not call back, or stop at house to view defective product. Floors look like 50 years old with abuse from day one. Even other contractors say floors were defective from day one. This company is the worst ever and we want our money back or, replacement flooring because of this defective flooring we received.

JUNK, JUNK. Don't ever buy their product.

Put Bona cleaner on floors from day one as instructed and still dull finish that streaks all the time. Just a waste of money.

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The real problem are the sales people and the lack of understanding about exotic wood flooring. Wood floors dent and scratch, by nature.

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I have chipping where boards meet and scratches everywhere. I have only used Bona as instructed.

No floor care company can help, they just say I am stuck with a bad product.

it's in my WHOLE condo. DO NOT BUY

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please contact the states attorney general in Virginia where LL is headquartered & file a consumer complaint . Also file a complaint with the National Wood Flooring Association, contact your credit card company if you paid by CC & file a dispute for consumer fraud. Good luck, I also was taken by LL for $10,000, $6,000 for their flooring, & $4000 for the installation, the 30 year warranty is an marketing ploy & is useless!

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If they were defective from Day 1, as you have indicated, your installer is who you should be upset with. All manufacturers have a clause in their warranties stating that visually defective material can not be claimed once installed.

All manufacturers will come across a bad batch or two which is why there is a claims procedure in place. This particular material is manufactured in Brazil so they cannot simply come to your house and look at it. It would have been up to your installer and retail location to file a warranty claim with their supplier and not install the defective material.

Once it was installed it is no longer covered under warranty, however, Scandian will usually still cover the cost of the material as a courtesy and leave the labor up to the person who knowingly installed defective material in your home.

Hope this helps.

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